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Synced Global AI Weekly | 2018.5.19—5.25

Companies in Japan and South Korea Are Speeding Up on AINEC Demos 26Tbps Subsea Cable AI tech

In joint research with Google, NEC said the tests made use of artificial intelligence and probabilistic shaping at a 64 Quadrature Amplitude Moderation modulation.

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This $2 Billion AI Startup Aims to Teach Factory Robots to Think

U.S. file-sharing and storage company Dropbox plans to expand its development center in Tel Aviv by hiring more staff and looking out for potential partnerships and acquisition opportunities in security and machine-learning...

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Samsung's next flagship to feature Bixby 2.0: AI head

Bixby 2.0 will be upgraded with enhanced natural language processes, improved noise resistance capability and quicker response times. 

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Samsung Opens Global AI Centers in the U.K., Canada and Russia

Samsung Research also oversaw the creation of the new AI Centers in Seoul last November and in Silicon Valley in January. With the addition of the three new AI Centers, Samsung Research will operate five AI Centers around the world.

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Learning to See in the Dark

To support the development of learning-based pipelines for low-light image processing, researchers introduce a dataset of raw short-exposure low-light images, with corresponding long-exposure reference images.

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GluonCV-Deep Learning Toolkit for Computer Vision

"Someone once asked me what was the hardest thing to do when developing MXNet. I would not hesitate to say that replicating experimental results from papers is the most difficult part..."

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QANet: Combining Local Convolution with Global Self-Attention for Reading Comprehension

In this paper, aiming to make the machine comprehension fast, researchers proposes to remove the recurrent nature of these models. They instead exclusively uses convolutions and self-attentions as the building blocks of encoders that separately encodes the query and context...

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Baidu COO Qi Lu Out; Haifeng Wang Named New AI Group Senior VP

Baidu announced this morning that COO Qi Lu will leave his position in July due to “personal and family reasons.” Baidu shares fell 7% on the news. Baidu also promoted Dr. Haifeng Wang to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Baidu AI Group...

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AI Community Reacts to Reddit Post: Are Grad Students Reviewing NIPS Papers?

NIPS" peer reviewer selection process came under question in the AI community last week, when a Reddit user who identified as a predoctoral student posted that they had been selected as a NIPS reviewer, and needed advice on how to properly write paper reviews...

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Global AI Events

1-6 JunNAACLNew Orleans, USA.
3-6 JunPAKDDMelbourne, Australia.
4 JunData Science SalonNew York, USA.
4 JunML Week Berlin 2018Berlin, Germany
31 May-1 JunedotAIParis, France
3-7 JunePredictive Analytics WorldLas Vegas, USA.
4-7 JuneSpark+AI Summit 2018San-Francisco, USA.

Global AI Opportunities

DeepMotion is looking for Deep Learning Engineer, Path Planning Engineer and Automative Control Engineer in Beijing, China.

Nullmax needs full-time/intern Deep Learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer and C++ Engineer in Shanghai, China.

SoundHound is hiring iOS/Android Software Engineer, ML Engineer and NLP Engineer in Toronto, San Francisco and Santa Clara.

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SparkCognition wants Front End Developer, Senior DevOps Engineer and Senior Data Scientist in Austin,Texas.

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人工智能领域的「规划」通常是指智能体执行的任务/动作的自动规划和调度,其目的是进行资源的优化。常见的规划方法包括经典规划(Classical Planning)、分层任务网络(HTN)和 logistics 规划。




噪音是一个随机误差或观测变量的方差。在拟合数据的过程中,我们常见的公式$y=f(x)+\epsilon$中$\epsilon$即为噪音。 数据通常包含噪音,错误,例外或不确定性,或者不完整。 错误和噪音可能会混淆数据挖掘过程,从而导致错误模式的衍生。去除噪音是数据挖掘(data mining)或知识发现(Knowledge Discovery in Database,KDD)的一个重要步骤。


MXNet是开源的,用来训练部署深层神经网络的深度学习框架。它是可扩展的,允许快速模型训练,并灵活支持多种语言(C ++,Python,Julia,Matlab,JavaScript, Go,R,Scala,Perl,Wolfram语言)