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Synced Global AI Weekly | 2018.5.5—5.11

Google I/O 2018, Microsoft Build 2018 and Drive.AI's Self-Driving Car ServiceGoogle Flexes Its AI Muscles at I/O 2018: An Enhanced Google Assistant, TPU 3.0, ML Kit, Google Lens & Waymo

Google I/O 2018 kicked off with an uptempo keynote from CEO Sundar Pichai. The tech giant's annual developer conference is always a platform for big announcements, and this was no exception, with Google gearing up for what promises to be an especially busy year.

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Fei-Fei Li at Google I/O: Humans Overestimate AI in the Short-Term, Underestimate Its Long-Term Potential

Google Cloud Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li is one of the most popular and influential AI figures today. The woman behind the large-scale image dataset Image.Net is a visionary and an authority on AI’s development...

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Microsoft Courts Developers with AI-Enhanced Tools at Build 2018

Days after Facebook F8 wrapped up in San Jose, the Microsoft Developer Conference Build 2018 opened in Seattle. The conference runs May 7-9 at the Washington Convention Center, and is an opportunity for Microsoft to court developers...

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Drive.AI Launches Self-Driving Car Service in Texas

Starting in July, a fleet of vehicles will operate with fixed pick-up and drop-off locations in a geofenced area of the city comprising retail, entertainment, and office space...

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Real-time Human Pose Estimation in the Browser with TensorFlow.js

Pose estimation refers to computer vision techniques that detect human figures in images andvideo, so that one could determine, for example, where someone’s elbow shows up in an image...

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Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real World Tasks Over the Phone

Google announces Google Duplex, a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out "real world" tasks over the phone...

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A Closer Look at Spatiotemporal Convolutions for Action Recognition

Facebook open sources their R2Plus1D codebase which provides a set of different spatio-temporal convolution architectures for action recognition in videos, together with models pre-trained on Kinetics and Sports1M...

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Cambricon Unveils its First AI Chip for Cloud Computing

Cambricon 1M is the company's third generation AI chip for edge devices. With its TSMC 7nm technology, the AI chip provides efficiency of 5 TOPS/Watt for 8-bit computing. The 1M chip is available in 2, 4, and 8 TOPS versions to support a range of AI applications...

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UBTECH Robotics Gets US$820 Million Funding; Becomes the World's Most Valualbe AI Startup

Internet giant Tencent led the funding with a US$120 million investment. It is believed UBTECH’s capabilities in robot design and manufacturing will strengthen Tencent’s AI products...

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Global AI Events

May 11The Machine Conference 2018Mumbai, India
May 15-17Business of Bots 2018San Francisco, USA
May 15-17AI for Good Global Summit Geneva, Switzerland
May 16-18ColCACI 2018Medellin, Columbia
May 16-19SIMPAR 2018Brisbane, Australia
May 17Rise of AI Conference 2018Berlin, Germany

Global AI Opportunities

WorkFusion is looking for ML Engineer, Java Engineer/Developer and Automation Engineer in New York and Eastern Europe.

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CAC 2018 Research & Creation Fellowship(US$10,000) is calling for proposals. Applications must be submitted by 23:59(Beijing) 15/05.

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Text IQ is hiring full time AI Trainers, Systems Engineer and Software Engineer in New York and and Vancouver.

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Versive wants Machine Learning Scientists, Devops Engineer and Software Engineer to join their team in Seattle, Washington.

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李飞飞,斯坦福大学计算机科学系教授,斯坦福视觉实验室负责人,斯坦福大学人工智能实验室(SAIL)前负责人。专业领域是计算机视觉和认知神经科学。2016年11月李飞飞加入谷歌,担任谷歌云AI/ML首席科学家。2018年9月,返回斯坦福任教,现为谷歌云AI/ML顾问。10月20日斯坦福大学「以人为中心的AI计划」开启,李飞飞担任联合负责人。11月20日李飞飞不再担任SAIL负责人,Christopher Manning接任该职位。





TensorFlow是一个开源软件库,用于各种感知和语言理解任务的机器学习。目前被50个团队用于研究和生产许多Google商业产品,如语音识别、Gmail、Google 相册和搜索,其中许多产品曾使用过其前任软件DistBelief。


张量是一个可用来表示在一些矢量、标量和其他张量之间的线性关系的多线性函数,这些线性关系的基本例子有内积、外积、线性映射以及笛卡儿积。其坐标在 维空间内,有 个分量的一种量,其中每个分量都是坐标的函数,而在坐标变换时,这些分量也依照某些规则作线性变换。称为该张量的秩或阶(与矩阵的秩和阶均无关系)。 在数学里,张量是一种几何实体,或者说广义上的“数量”。张量概念包括标量、矢量和线性算子。张量可以用坐标系统来表达,记作标量的数组,但它是定义为“不依赖于参照系的选择的”。张量在物理和工程学中很重要。例如在扩散张量成像中,表达器官对于水的在各个方向的微分透性的张量可以用来产生大脑的扫描图。工程上最重要的例子可能就是应力张量和应变张量了,它们都是二阶张量,对于一般线性材料他们之间的关系由一个四阶弹性张量来决定。


机器人学(Robotics)研究的是「机器人的设计、制造、运作和应用,以及控制它们的计算机系统、传感反馈和信息处理」 [25] 。 机器人可以分成两大类:固定机器人和移动机器人。固定机器人通常被用于工业生产(比如用于装配线)。常见的移动机器人应用有货运机器人、空中机器人和自动载具。机器人需要不同部件和系统的协作才能实现最优的作业。其中在硬件上包含传感器、反应器和控制器;另外还有能够实现感知能力的软件,比如定位、地图测绘和目标识别。之前章节中提及的技术都可以在机器人上得到应用和集成,这也是人工智能领域最早的终极目标之一。


云计算(英语:cloud computing),是一种基于互联网的计算方式,通过这种方式,共享的软硬件资源和信息可以按需求提供给计算机各种终端和其他设备。