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Synced Global AI Weekly | 2018.10.13—10.19

AI Powers Early Cancer Detection

Automated System Identifies Dense Tissue, A Risk Factor for Breast Cancer, in Mammograms

Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed an automated model that assesses dense breast tissue in mammograms — which is an independent risk factor for breast cancer — as reliably as expert radiologists.


Applying Deep Learning to Metastatic Breast Cancer Detection

“With these studies, we have made progress in demonstrating the robustness of our LYNA algorithm to support one component of breast cancer TNM staging, and assessing its impact in a proof-of-concept diagnostic setting. ”

(Google AI)

Doctors Hope AI Colonoscopies Could Help Save Lives

Dr. William Karnes, a gastroenterologist at UCI Health, says the AI colonoscopy can identify up to 20 percent more abnormalities than a traditional test. The system uses an algorithm, analyzing 98 images a second as it searches for both formed polyps and even tissue that could become one. The program shows the results to doctors in real time during the procedure.

(CBS News)

University of Central Florida’s AI Finds Early Lung Cancer With Up to 97% Sensitivity

researchers at the University of Florida’s Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) were able to identify small nodules of lung cancer with 95 to 97 percent sensitivity. researchers at the University of Florida’s Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) were able to identify small nodules of lung cancer with 95 to 97 percent sensitivity.



DeepMind Release Graph Nets Library

DeepMind announced today that it has opened its Graph Nets library to the public, enabling the use of graph networks in TensorFlow and Sonnet. Graph Nets is a machine learning framework that was published by DeepMind, Google Brain, MIT and University of Edinburgh on Jun 15.


BAIR Open-Sources Popular DeepMimic Project

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab’s DeepMimic presentation created a buzz this summer at the prestigious computer graphic conference SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver.


DeepMind Open-Sources RL Library TRFL

DeepMind announced today that it is open-sourcing its TRFL (pronounced ‘truffle’) library, which contains a variety of building blocks useful for developing reinforcement learning (RL) agents in TensorFlow.


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MIT Is Opening a $1Bn AI College

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced they will invest US$1 billion into a new college for artificial intelligence. The College will open in September 2019 with 50 new faculty positions in computer science and a new deanship dedicated to AI, data science, computing, and so on.


China Gets A Piece of PAI: Why Baidu Joining the US-Led AI Consortium Is A Big Deal

Adding Baidu’s voice will broaden PAI’s understanding of global AI technologies and their ethical implications. Chinese companies are pushing forward with a wide adoption of AI technologies across industries from healthcare to transportation and beyond.


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