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Synced Global AI Weekly | 2018.9.22—9.28

Researchers Are Using AI to Improve Public Safety

Keeping people safe with AI-enabled flood forecasting

To help improve awareness of impending floods, we're using AI and significant computational power to create better forecasting models that predict when and where floods will occur, and incorporating that information into Google Public Alerts.


AI security camera detects guns and identifies shooters

Athena Security, a San Francisco-based AI company that utilizes computer vision for security applications, has announced implementation of an AI camera system it says can identify guns in crowds. The system is one of a growing number of technologies aimed at preventing gun crime.


Predicting a predator: Purdue AI Tool Identifies Online Deviants Before They Act

Technology provides child predators with a means to troll for targets online, but a pair of Purdue University researchers have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to help catch sex offenders before they make physical contact with the children

(Purdue University)


Building Safe Artificial Intelligence: Specification, Robustness, and Assurance

"we discuss three areas of technical AI safety: specification, robustness, and assurance. Future posts will broadly fit within the framework outlined here. While our views will inevitably evolve over time, we feel these three areas cover a sufficiently wide spectrum to provide a usefulcategorisation for ongoing and future research."


WebCaricature: a benchmark for caricature recognition

" In this paper, a new caricature dataset is built, with the objective to facilitate research in caricature recognition. Compared with two existing datasets, this dataset is much more challenging, with a much greater number of available images, artistic styles and larger intra-personal variations."

(Nanjing University & University of Manchester)

Resilient Computing with Reinforcement Learning on a Dynamical System: Case Study in Sorting

"This paper formulates general computation as a feedback-control problem, which allows the agent to autonomously overcome some limitations of standard procedural language programming: resilience to errors and early program termination."


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Fast Facts on Arm's New Autonomous Driving Chip

Semiconductor giant Arm today unveiled the Cortex-A76AE, a microarchitecture CPU designed for use in autonomous vehicles. The UK-based Softbank subsidiary hailed the new chip as the world's first autonomous-class processor with integrated safety features.


Georgia Tech & Google Brain's GAN Lab Visualizes Model Training in Browsers

Georgia Tech and Google Brain researchers have introduced the new interactive tool GAN Lab, which visually presents the training process of complex machine learning model Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Even machine learning newbs can now experiment with GAN models using only a common web browser.


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