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Synced Global AI Weekly | 2018.9.15—9.21

Conference Week - Big Announcements You Should Know

World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 Day One: What Tech Titans & AI Experts Said

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 kicked off yesterday in Shanghai, drawing top-tier AI scientists and entrepreneurs from China's tech giants for discussions on AI's latest technological frontiers and industrial applications. Synced is live at the West Bund Artistic Center in Shanghai to bring you highlights from selected Day 1 Keynotes.


WAIC 2018 Day Two: Tencent Announces Open AI Platform AI.QQ.COM

Tencent Mobile Internet Group Vice President Hou Xiaonan announced the company's new Open AI platform, “AI.QQ.COM.”, which is supported by Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Excellent, WeChat AI, etc., and aims to build an AI ecosystem comprising Tencent’s diverse AI technical capabilities. 


Alibaba Launches Chip Company "Ping-Tou-Ge"; Pledges Quantum Chip

Chinese Internet mogul Jack Ma has a flair for naming new businesses: Alibaba originates from a character made famous in the One Thousand and One Nights collection of Arabian folk tales; while the company's R&D arm Damo Academy derives from the name of a Chinese Buddhist monk instrumental in the creation of Shaolin Kung Fu


TensorFlow Dev Summit: TensorFlow 1.11.0-rc1 Released

Please see the full release notes for details on added features and changes.



EMNLP 2018 Best Short Paper: How Much Reading Does Reading Comprehension Require? A Critical Investigation of Popular Benchmarks

"In this paper, we establish sensible baselines for the bAbI, SQuAD, CBT, CNN, and Whodid-What datasets, finding that question- and passage-only models often perform surprisingly well. On 14 out of 20 bAbI tasks, passage-only models achieve greater than 50% accuracy..."


EMNLP 2018 Best Long Paper: Phrase-Based & Neural Unsupervised Machine Translation

" We propose two model variants, a neural and a phrase-based model. Both versions leverage a careful initialization of the parameters, the denoising effect of language models and automatic generation of parallel data by iterative back-translation."

(arXiv) / (Github)

EMNLP 2018 Best Long Paper: Linguistically-Informed Self-Attention for Semantic Role Labeling

"In this work, we present linguistically-informed self-attention (LISA): a neural network model that combines multi-head self-attention with multi-task learning across dependency parsing, part-of-speech tagging, predicate detection and SRL."


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Tencent TStarBots Defeat StarCraft II's Powerful Builtin AI in the Full Game

The StarCraft series of games are regarded as a challenging platform for AI research due to their huge space and complicated game model. However, most RTS games’ builtin AI include searching algorithms or multi-agent algorithms which cannot be applied in the full game.


NVIDIA Opens AI Research Lab in Toronto

Chip giant Nvidia today announced the opening of its new AI research centre in Toronto. Nvidia Director of AI Sanja Fidler will lead the AI Research Lab. The University of Toronto Assistant Professor previously worked at the Toyota Technological Institute in Chicago as a research assistant professor.


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